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A blacksmith is an individual who deals with iron as well as steel. The blacksmith hammers curling iron on an anvil to transform its shape. Blacksmiths make iron and also steel tools.

A smith is an individual who operates in steel. A blacksmith works with iron and also steel. A thousand years ago, individuals just knew about 7 steels (iron, gold, silver, copper, tin, lead, as well as mercury). By shade: gold is yellow; copper is red; as well as silver, tin, lead, and mercury are various gray shades. Iron is likewise a grey shade if you radiate it, yet usually its surface is covered with a black oxide, which is a kind of corrosion. This black color forms extremely fast in a blacksmith’s fire. The various other steels have light colors, yet iron is a dark shade, so it is called the black metal in English. A smith who functions the black metal is a black-smith.

A farrier works with iron like a blacksmith. The only ironwork a farrier does is to make horseshoes.